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Eastern Environmental Specializes in Universal, Non-Hazardous & Hazardous Waste Disposal, serving the environmental needs and waste management of a geographically dispersed client base. Weekly service offered to NY, NJ, CT, PA, RI, MD, DE, DC and VA. 


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Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. (EET) is a recycling company serving the environmental needs and waste management of a geographically dispersed client base for Universal, Non-Hazardous & Hazardous Waste Disposal projects. EET provides a multitude of services compliant with state and federal regulations to insure proper and cost effective recycling and disposal. Our competent and helpful team of professionals will provide waste management for our customers with a simple, safe and cost effective solution to Hazardous Waste Disposal and the recycling and disposal of Non-Hazardous and Universal Waste.

Our services include the management for recycling and disposal of PCB transformers, PCB and Non-PCB ballast recycling, fluorescent lamp recycling, batteries, lead paint chips, PCB caulk, waste oil, chemicals, chemical labs, computers, paints, mercury and mercury devices.


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Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of chemical and environmental waste management services. Using one single source for your environmental and waste management needs saves money and delivers improved operating efficiencies by reducing the burden of managing multiple vendors.

  • Chemicals
  • Poisons
  • Lab Packs


Does your fluorescent light ballast contain PCB’s? Before EPA banned the manufacture of PCB’s in 1978, PCBs were used in the manufacturing of fluorescent light ballasts. The use of PCB’s in ballasts manufactured prior to 1978 was not regulated by the EPA. All light ballasts manufactured since 1978 which do not contain PCBs should be marked by the manufacturer with the statement “No PCB’s”.

  • PCB Ballast
  • NON PCB Ballast


The Phosphor found inside fluorescent lamps – not only the familiar tubes, but the new “energy saver” lamps designed to replace conventional incandescent light bulbs – contains mercury. For that reason, used fluorescent lamps need to be handled and disposed of carefully. When one breaks or implodes, it releases mercury into the air and anyone nearby may be exposed to the vapors.

  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Metal Halides
  • Mercury Switches



Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. has a strategic alliance with transformer recycling and disposal companies nationwide. Operational capabilities for handling PCB contaminated materials from levels greater than 1 ppm and exceeding 500 ppm include the following: (1) total electrical equipment and oil tank disposal, (2) complete PCB disposal services, (3) PCB analysis, (4) full transportation services and (5) oil storage and disposal. Our operational facilities enable us to clean and process transformers and all metals contaminated with PCBs in each EPA classification.



At home, work, school and even on airplanes, Americans love their computers. Millions of people surf the internet and send and receive email daily. To keep up with consumer expectations, computer manufacturers are constantly developing faster, smarter and cheaper machines. Industry experts say that a new generation of computer technology is born every 18 months, and users are looking for the latest software and hardware.

  • E-Scrap
  • E-Waste




Chemical Waste Disposal

A wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are being generated by a myriad of industries all over the country. Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. (EET) is in close contact with the needs and mandates of the various regulatory agencies by servicing a broad spectrum of clients. Using this information we are constantly upgrading and expanding the capabilities of our operation to provide the most effective, environmentally sound, and lawful hazardous waste management possible.

Solvents   Oil Emulsions   Asbestos
Flammable Liquids   Non-Haz Waste
Anti-Freeze  Cleaning Sovents
Waste Oils  Flammable Solids
Contaminated Soils  Grinding Wastes
Pharmaceuticals  Pesticides


Battery Recycling / Disposal

EET is happy to respond to your request for information on the capabilities at our facility to recycle batteries. We use a leading recycler of metal bearing wastes in North America will be the final disposal facility. In 1995, approximately 70,000 tons of nickel, chromium and iron bearing wastes including 2,500 tons of nickel containing batteries were recycled. This resulted in the production of over 23,000 tons of stainless steel remelt alloy.


Lead Paint & PCB Disposal

Off site waste preparation is a very sensible avenue for generators and/or contractors concerned with generator liability and keeping costs down. Ultimately what it offers is “secure” storage containers, and all preparation done off site, further reducing liability. It is also especially effective in areas where space is limited and noise pollution is a factor. As in the case of on site preparation, it is designed to reduce extensive contractor labor.

  • Lead Paint Chips
  • Lead Debris
  • PCB Caulk

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